Deadlines are Fine, Actually

Joshua Hernandez November 18, 2021 Deadlines are a writer’s best friend and worst enemy. Deadlines are the secret weapon which creative collaborators and editors use to rein in writers when they get lost in the weeds. As Gregg Sulzer said on his YouTube channel, they provide structure and a sense of urgency to projects, andContinue reading “Deadlines are Fine, Actually”

Plagiarism is a Trap

Joshua Hernandez November 8, 2021 In an earlier post, I made a point about the importance of knowing what to write about, as well as embracing your inspirations. Simply put, every writer is exposed to media, which then informs what they like or what they consider well-written. This also influences the work that writers putContinue reading “Plagiarism is a Trap”

Editors are Your Friends

Joshua Hernandez November 3, 2021 For people who have been following along thus far, you know that constructive criticism is necessary for pushing your first draft towards its final form. No first draft is perfect, and if it seems like it is, you probably are not looking hard enough. That is where an editor comesContinue reading “Editors are Your Friends”

Constructive Criticism is Not Destructive

Joshua Hernandez October 13, 2021 One of the most sobering experiences a writer can experience is listening to reactions to their work. For many first-timers with god complexes, having their mistakes thrown in their face can either obliterate egos or provoke accusations of blasphemy. However, while facing failure can be unpleasant, it is invaluable toContinue reading “Constructive Criticism is Not Destructive”

Knowing What to Write About

Joshua Hernandez October 4, 2021 Human beings are fascinating creatures, and two of the biggest reasons why, at least to me, is our ability to consciously observe the world around us, or in layman’s terms, to think. My second reason is our ability to take our thoughts and observations and translate them into ideas whichContinue reading “Knowing What to Write About”

Storytelling Explained

Storytelling is a broad, unwieldy concept to understand, let alone explain. On a surface-level, it seems easy enough to grasp; storytelling is the art of creating and telling stories. That much is simple enough to grasp for anybody, but what may be overlooked is the effect it has on our society. Which is to sayContinue reading “Storytelling Explained”