Editors are Your Friends

No draft is perfect out of the gate. If you want to refine your writing, you need an editor you trust to give a second opinion. Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Joshua Hernandez

November 3, 2021

For people who have been following along thus far, you know that constructive criticism is necessary for pushing your first draft towards its final form.

No first draft is perfect, and if it seems like it is, you probably are not looking hard enough.

That is where an editor comes in to diagnose the problems with your metaphorical baby.

According to the Penguin Reading House UK YouTube channel, the editing process is less like running your story through spell-check and more like a collaboration of ideas.

When you work with an editor, it is their job to push the writer into crafting their best possible work.

Whether it involves changing, adding or removing story elements or dialogue, the goal is to elevate your writing so it has the highest chance of resonating with the greatest amount of people.

That said, to save yourself and your editor time, this video from the Reedsy YouTube channel recommends revising and editing your draft before sending it to an editor. This saves your editor the trouble of fixing fundamental flaws with your writing, meaning they can finish editing faster and potentially save the writer money since they will not have to share edits as much.

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